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Cloudsoft launch AMP 6.3, strengthening orchestration across hybrid IT environments

Cloudsoft AMP 6.3 focuses on further strengthening its automation and orchestration capabilities across complex hybrid IT estates, with powerful new workflow capabilities and improved interoperability. 

Key features of AMP 6.3 include:

Powerful workflow engine

AMP’s powerful new workflow engine and syntax makes cross-environment automation and orchestration even easier for users, allowing them to describe and manage increasingly sophisticated behaviour of entities, effectors, sensors, and policies within AMP blueprints. This brings to AMP the power of a programming language but without the complexity; including conditions, loops, error-handling and variables, and importantly the ability to retry and delegate to other systems, such as containers or SSH or HTTP endpoints

AMP blueprints reflect the topology of the systems and environments under management. Anything within a tech environment can be blueprinted - including the architecture itself.  These blueprints then become live enterprise models that can be deployed across different environments. Embedding workflow within AMP blueprints has the benefit of being transparent to users whilst having the AMP context across different technologies easily available. 

Enhanced Terraform interoperability

Continuing to build on the AMP approach of environment-as-code, AMP 6.3 improves interoperability with infrastructure-as-code, specifically Terraform, introducing more sophisticated Terraform discovery, import and structuring

Improved tutorials and trial capability

AMP 6.3 makes it even easier to realise the value of AMP, with a comprehensive range of self-paced tutorials and guided, frictionless trial capabilities and options included as standard. 

AMP 6.3 also includes dashboard improvements, minor bug fixes, UI enhancements and documentation updates.

Release notes

Full release notes for AMP 6.3 can be found here. 

Amplify tech value with Cloudsoft AMP

Cloudsoft AMP is a powerful platform orchestrator. Recognised by Gartner as an innovative Digital Platform Conductor, AMP simplifies automation and amplifies the value of your existing technology investments.

How does AMP do this?

  • tying together existing tools and platforms with your ecosystem
  • operating at scale across cloud and on prem, containers, external services and more
  • providing a single, unified control plane
  • integrating with best in class tooling like Terraform, ServiceNow, Kubernetes and more. 

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