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Resilience regulation - are you ready?

Why regulate IT resilience now?


"Operational disruptions can cause wide-reaching harm to consumers and pose a risk to market integrity, threaten the viability of firms and cause instability in the financial system."

FCA Policy Statement, March 2021


Are you ready?

Cloud adoption and estate modernisation are creating increasingly complex hybrid IT environments for banking and financial services.

IT complexity poses a bigger risk than ever, and this is why IT Operational Resilience has never been more important.

To safeguard Finance's digital future, the FCA, PRA and BoE are introducing regulation, which comes into force in March 2022.

Tame IT complexity with DPCs

Compliance count-down

By March 2022, regulated service providers must have:

- ensured visibility by identifying critical applications and vulnerabilities;

- ensured reliability by defining impact tolerances;

- ensured agility by identifying and implementing solutions to address vulnerabilities and meet impact tolerances.

Get prepared
The solution? Orchestration.

Monitor, observe and manage

Orchestration can deliver the visibility, agility and reliability required for compliance with resilience regulation and to drive greater value from your technology investments.

Gartner highlights these 3 goals to deliver mature estate orchestration:

1) Visibility through performance monitoring;

2) Agility through automation of operations;

3) Reliability through service availability.

Addressing these priorities goes beyond visualisation to orchestration, actively monitoring and managing workloads across all the environments you operate in. 

Gartner's 2021 Hype Cycle for Monitoring, Observability and Cloud Operations cites Digital Platform Conductor tools, like Cloudsoft AMP, as being a transformational solution to the observability challenge.

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Orchestration in action

A US-based, Tier 1 Global Bank achieves visibility, agility and reliability. 

The Bank have been running Cloudsoft AMP for over 2 years, with AMP providing a single control plane to monitor, orchestrate and automate management of their applications across any cloud or platform - including production data centres, private clouds and public clouds. 

AMP addressed the following problems, and read on for more detail of the benefits AMP has delivered already - including a 99% reduction in unplanned downtime and a 75% efficiency saving.

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Business challenges from technical challenges

Learn more about AMP for Financial Services.

Cloudsoft AMP helps business leaders and technology teams cut through the complexity of their estate and ensure it is observable, reliable and agile. 

Download our short guide to AMP for Financial Services to cut through the complexity of your estate and ensure it is compliant.

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Are you ready for regulation?