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for Operational Resilience

Hybrid IT and multi-cloud complexity is creating lots of new risks and vulnerabilities. AMP can provide smooth cloud portability, ensure resilience and demonstrate compliance to regulators.

Eliminate the threat of downtime

Sprawling estates. Thousands of applications. Hundreds of deployment environments. Chances are, something somewhere is failing at any given moment.

These unplanned downtime costs average $2.5bn a year for the Fortune 1000  - thats $100,000 per hour (IDC).

And now regulators are issuing strict digital operational resilience requirements, with significant fines for non-compliance. 

Cloudsoft AMP eliminates the threat and costs of unplanned downtime by sensing failures and using powerful automated policies for instant failover or recovery.

No more 3am call-outs for engineers. More time on innovating for customers. 

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Deliver Operational Resilience

As organisations' digital estates grow and become increasingly complex, so does the risk of a service-impacting outage. 

Regulators, concerned with systemic risk, are issuing strict rules governing the resilience of systems and the overall continuity of wider business operations.

Cloudsoft AMP not only ensures the operational resilience of your critical services, but provides any evidence you need to show compliance to regulators like the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Operational Resilience regulation deadlines


Ensure vendor resilience

There are lots of reasons not to put your eggs in one basket when it comes to cloud vendors. AMP overcomes these challenges, ensuring your critical services are always up.

AMP's cloud portability ensures you can demonstrate cloud vendor resilience; internally or externally as required. 

AMP protects you from:

  • technical or relationship failure with your cloud vendors;
  • discontinued vendor activity;
  • vendor lock-in.

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How does AMP work?

AMP is a powerful orchestration and automation tool. It sits above your existing technology landscape, maximising value from your investments in tools like ServiceNow and Ansible. 

AMP elevates infrastructure-as-code to 'environment-as-code', providing you with a single, easy-to-use control plane through which you can govern and orchestrate across on-prem and all cloud-native environments.

How AMP enables an environment as a service approach
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More ways Cloudsoft AMP delivers value:

ArrowsDe-risking complex hybrid IT stacks.

Governance & Modernisation

Providing control to your cloud environments, and the cloud experience to legacy environments.

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Day-2 Operations

Monitor health, update patches, repave or scale resources without any downtime

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ArrowsModernise Service Delivery & ITSM

Self-Service Environments

Automated & consistent deployment of certified dev, test & prod environments through ITSM tools

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Dynamic Observability

Augmenting monitoring with an 'as code' approach, to implement a 'sense-policy-respond' restorative action

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