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AMP 5.1 released

Cloudsoft is excited to announce the GA of AMP 5.1. Get the latest version.

It's been just under 3 months since the landmark release 5.0 brought in bundles as the way to package blueprints and their resources and added AMP Cluster for extremely high scalability plus customizability to our UI.

Since then our engineers and the Apache Brooklyn community have continued their hard work with major UI improvements, an AWS Services Pack, more AMP Cluster features, and many other improvements.  

New AWS Services Pack

Including support for Route 53, Elastic Load Balancers, and more, the AWS Services Pack is included with AMP and puts key AWS services just a click away in your Blueprint Composer.  Simple config options let these be configured to track other entities, giving more choice in designing high-quality blueprint with cloud-native services.

Enhanced AMP Cluster

Now containing multiple overseers and label-based placement, the AMP Cluster solution delivered in 5.0 allowed AMP to scale to run up to hundreds of AMP nodes in a cluster.  With the new "multiple overseers" pattern, this can be scaled far further, with hundreds of such AMP node clusters -- "AMP-of-AMPs" style -- and the ability to use labels to constrain which AMP nodes and clusters are permitted to run selected workloads.  This allows AMP customers to enforce separation between dev/prod workloads -- or between different tenants -- even in the management tier.

Improved User Interface

Bundles are now visible and editable in the UI, making blueprint development and management easier, and catalog loads -- such as in the Composer palette and in the Quick Launch -- are now lightning quick.

[videopress 30CeXBiO]

There are many more, such as REST calls now being logged consistently for analysis, Windows fixes in the CLI and WinRM, and new REST endpoints for bundles.  

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