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AMP 5.3 released

Cloudsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of AMP 5.3. Get the latest version.

Thank you to our customers and users for their feedback and support. Thanks also go to the Apache Brooklyn community for the many code contributions and evolution of ideas at the heart of this product.

This 5.3 release of AMP is mostly focused around the user interface, with some other improvements to core such as persistence improvement. There are also updates to the AWS Service Pack.

PLEASE NOTE that Cloudsoft Service Broker is longer shipped as part of AMP from this next release onward. Please see the official Release Notes - Deprecation to learn more.

UI Improvements

The 5.3.0 has focussed mainly on UI improvements, with a few other fixes in other areas:

As part of Cloudsoft's commitment to Open Source Software, the code for the AMP Web Console has been open sourced, and donated to Apache Brooklyn.

See the Brooklyn UI repo. End-users will not see noticeable changes due to this, but they will benefit from community contributions going forwards. Developers will find it much easier to extend, white label, and embed the UI in other applications.

Some UI enhancements have already been made. These include a more user-friendly configuration, including a wizard and drop-down support in the Blueprint Composer.

AMP Core Improvements

The performance of persistence has been significantly improved, which reduces CPU load on the AMP server and load on the data store (be it NFS or an object store)

Read more about Core Improvements in the Release Notes

New REST API Endpoint

There is a new endpoint: `/applications/details`. This gets details for all applications and optionally selected additional entity items, including tags, values for selected sensor and config glob patterns, and recursively this info for children, up to a given depth.

AWS Service Pack updates

There is a new entity for integrating with AWS Service Catalog. This is named `aws-servicecatalog-product` (the Java class is ``).

This new entity should be considered beta in this release, and may be changed in 5.4.0 in response to feedback (backwards compatibility is not guaranteed).

For use of an AWS location, one can now use AWS 'assume role'. This also works with AWS 'instance profile', where temporary credentials are retrieved automatically.

An example location catalog item is shown below:

version: 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
- id: aws-example
itemType: location
type: jclouds:aws-ec2:eu-west-1
displayName: Assume AWS Role in Cloudsoft AWS QA Tests
# role to assume in customer's account
roleToAssumeArn: "arn:aws:iam::000000000000:role/DevCrossAccountAccess"
type: io.cloudsoft.location.jclouds.AwsEc2AssumeRoleComputeServiceRegistry


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