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Cloudsoft AMP 5.5 released

Cloudsoft AMP 5.5 brings improved user-interface, improved support for TOSCA blueprints and enhanced automation, plus much more

Cloudsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of AMP 5.5. AMP streamlines development, operations and governance for any application on any cloud.  

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What's new about 5.5?

This 5.5 release of Cloudsoft AMP is focused on user interface (UI) and AMP core. All improvements are based on real-world usage and feedback to improve the user experience (UX) when composing applications for the cloud.

UI Improvements

You will notice that now the blueprints in the deployment history are ordered by default with latest deployed on the top of the list.

A handful of improvements have been added to Quick-Launch: single location selected automatically, default name for an application set automatically, etc.

For a complete list of UI improvements check out the Release Notes.

Cloudsoft AMP Core Improvements

Cloudsoft AMP 5.5. brings along improved support for TOSCA blueprints.

New contention management policies have been added to Cloudsoft AMP. This means resources can be automatically scaled down or scaled up based on user's rules.

Extended support for VMware Vsphere has been worked on for Cloudsoft AMP 5.5: VM template selection, resource pool, etc.

Additional support with Oauth for Kubernetes and the CLI 'br login'.

The startup of Cloudsoft AMP has also been improved with the RPM install directory being configurable and an after clause to ensure all system services are started before the "amp" system service is started.

For a complete list of Core improvements please see the Release Notes.


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Thank you to our customers and users for their feedback and support. Thanks also goes to the Apache Brooklyn community for the many code contributions and evolution of ideas at the heart of this product.


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