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Cloudsoft AMP 5.6 released

Cloudsoft AMP 5.6 brings new features and improvements

Cloudsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of AMP 5.6.

Cloudsoft AMP delivers infrastructure-independent, adaptable, reliable application availability and resiliency, augmenting our customers’ existing investment in infrastructure and platforms.

If you would like more information on Cloudsoft AMP get in touch with your questions, comments, or to arrange a demo.

What's new about 5.6?

  • Arbitrary types can be defined as beans and referenced as config, sensors, etc.
  • Config constraint violations are detected earlier and more information on errors returned.
  • An additional post-init hook is available for custom entity behaviour to run after initialisation.
  • The Catalog UI and `/bundle/` REST API support downloading a ZIP of bundles in the catalog.
  • Deploying from the catalog will now populate the parameters from the catalog item.

Deploying from the catalog will now populate the parameters from the catalog item-1

  • When using WinRM with PowerShell, additional streams are created for improved display in the UI.


  • Various improvements have been made for Kubernetes, Terraform, VMWare, Windows, and more.
  • Hashicorp Vault support has been updated to the latest version.

For a complete list of updates please see the full Release Notes.

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We would like to thank our customers and users for your feedback and support. As always, thanks and appreciation also goes to the Apache Brooklyn community for the many code contributions and evolution of ideas at the heart of this product.


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