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AMP 5.2 released

Cloudsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of AMP 5.2. Get the latest version.

Thank you to our customers and users for their feedback and support. Thanks also go to the Apache Brooklyn community for the many code contributions and evolution of ideas at the heart of this product.

This 5.2 release of AMP is mostly focused around the Web Console and the AWS Service Pack.

AMP Web Console

  • Add support for pattern validation in configuration keys. If a config key has a regex as a constraints, this validation is applied client side.
  • Add location information on the summary tab (app inspector). The app inspector's entity summary tab now shows location information, including availability zone and multi-location information where applicable.
  • DSL editor for the blueprint composer. There is now a new DSL editor for entities' config keys in the blueprint composer. It adds a button on each field - even values for config key of type Map or Array - that takes the user to a new dsl-editor panel where one can choose a "kind". That can be either:
    • a config key
    • a sensor
    • an entity

AWS Service Pack

  • Add Route53 Alias record entity.
  • Add healthcheck sensors for ALB entity. A new feed queries the ALB health checks and reports them back onto:
    • each target group member:
      • adds HEALTH_CHECK_STATE which contains the current state of the health check associated to this entity.
      • adds HEALTH_CHECK_NOT_HEALTHY which contains a map of what happens if the health check status is different than healthy.
    • the ALB entity:
      • adds TARGET_GROUP_SIZE which contains the number of members within the target group.
      • adds TARGET_GROUP_NOT_HEALTHY which is a map of { ID: { status: '', reason: '', description: ''}}.

    The feed that polls the sensors uses the same configuration key as the ALB, i.e. TARGET_GROUP_HEALTH_CHECK_INTERVAL_SECONDS.

In the Release Notes you will find more information:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Other Changes
  • Known Issues
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Deprecation Announcements
  • Upgrade Instructions


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