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AMP 5.4 released

Cloudsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of AMP 5.4. AMP streamlines development, operations and governance for any application on any cloud.

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Thank you to our customers and users for their feedback and support. Thanks also go to the Apache Brooklyn community for the many code contributions and evolution of ideas at the heart of this product.

What's new in 5.4?

This 5.4 release of AMP is mostly focused around the user interface (UI) and AMP core. All improvements are based on real-world usage and feedback to improve the the user experience when composing applications for the cloud.

UI Improvements. The UI has come a long way since the early versions of AMP and uses the latest responsive frameworks for a rich user experience. The goal for Cloudsoft is to ease the flow of work when users compose applications.

Oauth. AMP is used to model, deploy and manage applications across multiple platforms in large-scale, complex environments. As part of our continuous improvement for our large enterprise customers we have added robust Oauth support their complex enterprise identity and access management.

UI Improvements

The Blueprint Composer has a new layout. The palette of catalog items is shown on the left, and the configuration view for the selected entity is shown on the right.

Some of the Blueprint Composer's palette of catalog items improvements:

  • More filters are now supported, including a Recent filter (click the gear icon to see these options).
  • The user can select different views. These include 'compact' (to see more icons at once), 'large' and 'list'.
  • Catalog items are sorted by 'relevance', based on recency of use.
  • Selecting of a catalog item adds it as a child of the entity that has focus, rather than a child of the top-level application. The newly added entity then has focus.
  • The information hover-over is improved, including a link to 'Open in catalog'.
  • Search will now include entities that have matching text in their tag(s).
  • Blueprint Composer now shows relationships that are in the 'member spec' of a cluster.

For a complete list of UI improvements please see the Release Notes.

AMP Core Improvements

Identity and access management in complex application and cloud environments means that more than one security provider is required. Cloudsoft have added an Oauth capability to meet this requirement.

Security provider implementations can now indicate that they don't use Basic auth, and can throw exceptions to return a specific response. This allows OAuth providers to be written, returning a 302 or 307 redirect instead of a 401 unauthorized when a user is not logged in so that they authenticate first with the OAuth site.

Related improvements have been made requiring authentication to access static content, sharing session information such as login status among all bundles, and invoking the security provider's logout call when the user logs out.

For a complete list of Core improvements please see the Release Notes.



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