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Cloud optimisation is good for your wallet, and the planet

One-third of cloud spend is wasted every single year, not only is this a colossal waste of money, likely to hit $168bn in total wastage in 2023, but it also adds up to a huge amount of energy and natural resources being wasted.

It’s no secret that data centres use a huge amount of power to run and, even with efforts to utilise renewable energy sources, waste has a serious impact on the environment. With a drive to reduce climate impact high on many organisations' agendas, optimising your cloud usage can be a great way to progress towards reducing your carbon footprint.

A core aspect of cloud cost optimisation involves identifying and removing wasted usage and consolidating idle usage. Not only does this help to reduce your costs, as if it's running, you're spending, but it also helps to reduce the impact of your cloud estate on the environment.

Here are 3 ways cloud optimisation can help to reduce your climate impact:

Energy efficiency: Reducing idle usage and minimising tasks significantly reduces energy use by data centres, ultimately reducing the climate impact of your cloud environment. Any energy wasted on idle usage and unnecessary workloads is both wasted money and unnecessary emissions. 

Reduced use of critical raw materials: Optimising cloud utilisation by nature reduces overall data centre usage, given the collosal damage the mining and processing of critical raw materials,  this consolidation helps to reduce the environmental impact of that process. 

Improved standard of living around data centres:  Data centres use a lot of energy, so much so that in places like London and the South East of the UK, housebuilders are unable to build houses in certain areas due to the energy demands of data centres. Optimising cloud helps to pull less power, which ultimately has a positive impact on people living nearby! 

Reduce your cloud bill and your climate impact with a cloud cost optimisation review: 

Cloud costs can be a tricky thing to manage, but thanks to years of experience, our Finops Certified consultants are on hand to help. Our Cloud Cost Optimisation Review can suggest a range of things you can do to cut your cloud spending, and to help you get the most out of the money you do spend. 

What's even better, if you will struggle to enact our suggestions to optimise your cloud bill, we can help implement the changes for you. Find out more about our cloud cost optimisation review and start saving on your cloud bill!

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