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Cloudsoft launch AMP 6.2 with ‘Environment-as-code’ at its core

AMP 6.2 focuses on further strengthening its service orchestration capabilities for complex hybrid IT estates through enhanced interoperability with leading technologies, including ServiceNow, Ansible and Terraform.

In addition, recognising that agile approaches are revolutionising modern technology provision and management, AMP 6.2 builds on the concept of ‘environment-as-code’; elevating infrastructure-as-code to a consistent and declarative way of sharing definition and management of hybrid IT and on-prem estates.

Key features of AMP 6.2 include:

Self-service certified environments via ServiceNow:

AMP 6.2, combined with ServiceNow, continues to modernise IT Service ManagementServiceNow (ITSM) with its advanced automation capabilities.

AMP 6.2 allows Operations and Platform teams to easily create certified environments in AMP and share them with DevOps and Product teams via ServiceNow's service catalogue.

This self-service approach improves developer experience, whilst enabling rapid product delivery and innovation and maintaining infrastructure stability. AMP’s ‘policy-as-code’ and ‘governance-as-code’ provides guardrails and avoids shadow IT, without compromising developer autonomy. 

Enhanced ITSM interoperability:

IT Service Management (ITSM) tooling is the key focus of service delivery for many organisations. AMP 6.2’s service orchestration capabilities are strengthened with even tighter integration with the most-used ITSM features. In both AMP and your ITSM tool of choice (ServiceNow, BMC and more), environments can be used interchangeably with the results synced to both places.

Enhanced Container Support for Automation:

Docker and Kubernetes help developers build lightweight and portable software containers that can simplify application development, testing, and deployment.

AMP 6.2 expands its support for containers to enhance automation and policy, further supporting AMP’s ability to maximise existing technology investments. This will accelerate both onboarding and scaling usage of AMP for organisations using containerisation. 

Enhanced deployment strategy support:

AMP 6.2 makes it even easier to automate your deployments from a single place and build a robust continuous delivery pipeline with a simple blueprint.

With this in mind, AMP 6.2 now includes, as standard, support for rolling and blue/green deployment strategies. This helps you ship code faster, improve reliability, ensure governance and consistency, whilst further breaking down development and operational silos; ultimately streamlining software development, deployment and operations, while abstracting the developers from the complexities of the underlying hybrid infrastructure.

Enhanced Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes capabilities:


AMP 6.2 continues to help strengthen your existing tooling across hybrid estates; making infrastructure-as-code, orchestration and containerisation as easy for on-prem as it is for cloud native. 



AMP 6.2 also includes dashboard improvements, minor bug fixes, UI enhancements and documentation updates.

Full release notes can be found here.

Use Cases for Cloudsoft AMP 6.2

Cloudsoft AMP is used in heavily regulated industries like banking and defence to manage, orchestrate and modernise complex hybrid IT environments.

Cloudsoft AMP - automation for complex IT environments

Use cases include:

  • consistent deployment;
  • automated Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 Operations;
  • resilience;
  • observability.

Download the guide to Cloudsoft AMP to learn more about its automation, orchestration and modernisation capabilities.




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