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Explore different use cases for Cloudsoft AMP, like modernising ITSM and service delivery, de-risking fragile hybrid IT and delivering operational resilience.


De-risk complex and fragile hybrid IT.

Governance & Modernisation

Providing control to your cloud environments, and the cloud experience to legacy environments.

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Day-2 Operations

Monitor application health, update patches, repave or scale resources - all without any downtime, guaranteed.

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Deliver & demonstrate operational resilience.

Operational Resilience

Unparalleled levels of resilience, self-healing, and provision of demonstrable compliance to regulators, like the UK FCA.

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Vendor Exit Strategy

Ensuring resilience should a critical vendor go out of business, experience technical issues or supplier relationship failure.

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Keep pace with change: modernise Service Delivery & ITSM

Self-Service Environments

Automated & consistent deployment of certified dev, test & prod environments through ITSM tools

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Dynamic Observability

Augmenting monitoring with an 'as code' approach, to implement a 'sense-policy-respond' restorative action

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With AMP you can...

These results reflect typical customer success metrics.

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deliver 100% hands-off application management.

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experience a 95% reduction in recovery time.

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save with 75% reduced person hours.

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