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Modernise with AWS and say goodbye to proprietary licences

Tired of being tied down by proprietary licences? Is being locked into a single provider giving you a headache? Coming to the end of support (EOS) for your software and curious to explore other options and the world of open-source solutions? 

Embrace a more cost-effective and versatile IT ecosystem with AWS. 

By modernising your proprietary workloads with the power of AWS, you can rid yourself of proprietary licences and free yourself from lock-in to a single software solution, all whilst making the most of the latest in cloud technology. 

Curious to learn more? Well buckle up, because we're diving straight in:

Ditch the Licence Hassle

Proprietary licences can be a real headache! But thankfully, with AWS, you're in for a treat, and you can say goodbye to those expensive licences and hello to a more flexible, pay-as-you-go model. Whether you want to bring your own licences into your environment or use Amazon-provided ones, you get more control over your budget, and future spending! 

Embrace the Open-Source Revolution

Here’s where it gets exciting, AWS opens the door to a world of open-source possibilities. Linux, anyone? By migrating to AWS, you have the opportunity to shift towards a Linux-based, open-source system. This means you can tap into a vast community of developers, enjoy a wide range of compatible tools and applications, and wave goodbye to vendor lock-in! 

A Seamless Transition

Worried about the migration process? No need! AWS offers a whole suite of migration tools, techniques and services that make the transition go smoothly. Oh, and by working with an AWS Partner like Cloudsoft, you know you have someone supporting your migration process every step of the way! Whether you're rehosting, re-platforming, or even refactoring, AWS has got your back. 

Boosted Performance and Scalability

Let’s not ignore the sheer power and scalability of AWS. With a vast array of services, you can optimise your workloads for top-notch performance. Scale up or down at a moment's notice, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs without even breaking a sweat! 

Say Hello to Cost Savings

Who doesn't love saving money, right? With AWS, you only pay for what you use. No more shelling out for unused licences or hardware that you just might get around to utilising. Plus, their cost optimisation tools help you identify and eliminate any wastage, ensuring you get the most value for money! Sounds great right?

The AWS world of possibility:

Migrating proprietary software to the AWS cloud can help you unlock a world of digital possibility. By saying goodbye to proprietary licences, you can hugely cut down on your financial burden, and eliminate unused licences by only paying for what you actually use! 

Migrating to the cloud also allows you to embrace the freedom of open-source, helping your IT infrastructure flourish! With AWS by your side, the sky truly is the limit!

Ready to learn more? Check out our cloud modernisation offering from our Tempo Team!

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