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What everyone needs to know about migrating Applications to the Cloud

Why bother migrating to the cloud? Seriously, who is really doing it? Why are those people doing it? For what outcomes? Hang on a minute, isn't cloud bad for security? Doesn't cloud cost "a lot"? Isn't cloud "just a trend"? "We'll never put production in the cloud" (didn't we say that about virtualisation over a decade ago?).

The top 1000 companies in the world have about 2000 applications each. We know that about 15% of them are in the public cloud today, and 75% will be there by 2020. That means 1.2million workloads are going to move to the cloud. That's just the top 1000. What about the millions of businesses in the UK?

What about you?

Woah. Wait a minute, it sounds too good to be true.

What are the benefits? Risks? What is it? How do I do it?

That's why we at Cloudsoft have started a series on exposing everything about the cloud.

Starting with this white paper to share our experience and help people.

Click here to access the eBook 'What everyone needs to know about migrating applications to the cloud'. 

This ebook was updated in 2020.

We, at Cloudsoft, live and breathe applications in AWS. We are obsessed and do war games and all kinds of things that a modern MSP on AWS should do. AWS cloud plumbing, for us, is table stakes. Anyone can do it, but it is often done surprisingly badly.

We are application, automation and AWS experts. In person and in code. We are a friction-free, happy-friendly co-collaborator.

At Cloudsoft we supercharge our customers with best practice cloud finance, operations and security as basic necessities. Then we add our secret sauce: we add application-focused goodness. This is unique.

We believe in show-and-tell so we are writing a series of papers and sharing everything we know. Here is our first example, but we will add more every week.

Enjoy. Please feedback. We'd want to hear from you :)

Access the newest version here.

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