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Embrace continuous resilience and tame tech complexity with our practical guides to improving digital operational resilience.

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The Complete Guide to Digital Operational Resilience

As organisations' digital footprints grow, so does their exposure to new and unforeseen risks.  

A mature operational resilience strategy is the antidote to this fragility-induced risk, helping organisations to resist, absorb, recover from, and adapt to disruption - and even thrive in the face of it.

The Complete Guide explores the 7 dimensions of operational resilience, providing a set of maturity indicators for each that will help you to quickly assess your own organisation's maturity.

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Digital Operational Resilience Regulations

UK and EU regulators are concerned that spiralling technological complexity in the financial services sector may pose a risk to the global financial system, leading both to enact new regulations.

From March 2022, regulated firms will be required to comply with new FCA regulations in the UK. Following hot on its heels is the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).

Your DORA Explorer is a practical guide to these new regulations, providing actionable insights on how to comply and mature your operational resilience.

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Blog - 4 min read

Why resilience is a strategic imperative

Resilience, the ability to spring back into shape and recover from difficulties, is under greater scrutiny than ever before.

Often talked about in a security context, for IT and Technology leaders, it is also an imperative to ensure quick recovery from unexpected disruption and resume service to customers.

But resilience is not just a tech problem - it needs to be approached at a strategic, organisational level. 

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