There are six methods to consider when migrating your application into the cloud. Should you:

  1. Retain – do nothing, leave as-is.
  2. Retire – decommission the application, do not migrate.
  3. Rehost – lift-and-shift the application wholesale into the cloud.
  4. Repurchase – swap COTS software you manage for SaaS software you don’t.
  5. Replatform – like a lift-twist-and-shift, you fix some things in-migration.
  6. Refactor – rewrite the application to exploit the cloud.

In Cloudsoft’s experience, we find that starting with a Replatform to get into the cloud is the best method, so this is at the heart of our Migrate service.

By using Cloudsoft blueprinting and automation software in-migration your application is set up for future refactoring so you can unlock more cost savings, better uptime, more responsive application and to take advantage of future cloud innovations.

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Cloudsoft Datasheet – Migrate Service