Join a supportive engineering team with a competitive package and great perks.

Working at Cloudsoft

For nearly a decade, Cloudsoft has been a compact, agile team -- batting way above its weight -- turning complex problems into simple, elegant solutions. We contribute to and use Open Source Software as the foundation of our products and we specialise in building, migrating, running and evolving applications on AWS.

Our team collaborates with customers through the intelligent design and application of software in the cloud to give customers a great experience and deliver the outcomes they need. People at Cloudsoft make things happen.

We combine our products with industry-leading patterns and practices, expertly deployed by our Consulting Engineers, backed up by strong Engineering DNA throughout the company.

Our latest projects include:

  • Massive scale AWS management for large enterprises.
  • Embedding our products in global system integrator offerings.
  • Building and running an innovative blockchain service.
  • Helping customers to migrate their applications to AWS where we run and continuously evolve them.
  • It's this last, crucial "evolve" step that helps differentiates Cloudsoft, helping customers reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to business events and exploit the rapid pace of innovation in AWS.

While our products and practices are first class, our people at Cloudsoft are our most important assets. Cloudsoft customers regularly provide great feedback on how capable Cloudsoft people are, and what a delight it is to work with us. We invest heavily in staff well being, training and education, and matching up individual career needs and work preferences with work opportunities.

Our HQ is in Edinburgh and we have team members in London, York, Belfast and Rome. We are currently looking for people to join us in the UK.

We believe organizational culture is created by word, thought and deed and not by Culture Decks. Everyone that joins Cloudsoft will change the culture by what they do. Action is everything.

2018 is a growth year for Cloudsoft. We are looking for the right kind of people to contribute to our culture and help the company grow through their personal growth. We want to help you help yourself and help us.

We are always interested in anyone interesting 🙂 However, right now we are specifically interested in four types of people. If you are interested in working at Cloudsoft we'd love to hear from you.

Cloudsoft Consulting Engineer

Our Consulting Engineers are a unique mix of software engineer, automation engineer and AWS (and other cloud) expertise. With one foot in the customer environment and the other foot in our product and engineering teams, this is a job for problem solvers and the constantly curious.

DevOps Engineer

We are looking for engineers passionate about DevOps and cloud best practices, with a focus on automation. Our DevOps engineers design, build, run and evolve highly available applications in the cloud. This involves integrating with a wide range of systems, including networking, containers, cloud-native services and NoSQL. Programming, AWS, CI/CD, chef/ansible/etc expertise advantageous.