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Actively manage applications through their lifecycle, to scale securely across any infrastructure.

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Cloudsoft AMP

Velocity, Consistency, Control for Cloud Applications

AMP v5 actively manages applications through their lifecycle, across any infrastructure. Now AMP scales to hundreds of management nodes and thousands of applications. It has a new user interface with drag-and-drop blueprint creation. There is also a new bundle capability and service packs for leading clouds such as AWS.
Cloudsoft Composer

Visual Composer

Visually compose AWS CloudFormation templates quickly and easily

The Visual Composer - aka the Visual Blueprint Composer for CloudFormation and Service Catalog - is the easiest way to create Amazon Web Services CloudFormation deployment descriptions, install them to the AWS Service Catalog, run infrastructure and evolve CloudFormation templates.

It is a cut-down version of Cloudsoft AMP, highlighting the Composer and extending it to make all CloudFormation items available on the palette, and to export CloudFormation (CFN) YAML files. These can be deployed via AWS CFN or installed directly to Service Catalog.