Visual Composer

Visually compose AWS CloudFormation templates quickly and easily.

Create well-architected AWS systems graphically, quickly, reliably: automatically export Cloud Formation and Service Catalog Products

The Visual Composer for CloudFormation and Service Catalog is the easiest way to create Amazon Web Services CloudFormation deployment descriptions, install them to the AWS Service Catalog, run infrastructure and evolve CloudFormation blueprints.

Visual Composer is built on the same proven technology platform as Cloudsoft AMP, and has been extended to make all CloudFormation items available on the palette, and to export CloudFormation (CFN) YAML files. These can be deployed via AWS CFN or installed directly to Service Catalog.

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What users say about Visual Composer

"The feedback from customers, AWS Solution Architects, Trainers and early preview customers has been that the Visual Composer makes it much easier for beginners or experts to create CloudFormation templates and AWS Service Catalog products,” said Alex Heneveld, Chief Technology Officer at Cloudsoft.

“We took the graphical user interface from Cloudsoft AMP and repurposed it specifically for AWS. We're really excited to launch the Visual Composer and develop it with the community to cater for the needs of different users. It brings DevOps modular software engineering to cloud architecting, simplifying creation and management of everything from simple stacks to complex composed designs. At the same time, it reduces friction in using AWS by giving the user guard rails so they do the right thing first time.”

How Visual Composer benefits AWS users

One typical use case, as explained by a user: “As a system administrator and AWS user, I want to define AWS Service Catalog products using a simple visual editor. I want to be able to do the whole thing in ten minutes without needing to write YAML or JSON code and without needing extensive AWS knowledge. I want then to be able to publish it to selected people and teams, update it, and track it in the usual Service Catalog ways.”

The specific features that users say Visual Composer helps to achieve their goals:

  • Rapidly get on to AWS Service Catalog
  • Create graphically with drag-and-drop, templates and recommendations.
  • Share natively with one-click publish to the AWS Service Catalog.
  • Update seamlessly with integrations to source control, and engineering workflows.
  • Perform drag-and-drop design
  • Recommend properties and values
  • Save, version and compose blueprints

Improvements to the AWS experience

Beyond the technology, users have told Cloudsoft that they've benefited from using the Visual Composer in a number of ways:

  • Efficiency - Removes time-consuming coding from specifying cloud infrastructure and enables instinctive visual drag-and-drop cloud specification.
  • Growth - Ideal for users from new cloud builders unfamiliar with low-level specification language, to experienced high-turnover cloud architects who need to specify and build quickly.
  • Synergy - Combines the ease of use of visual specification with the control and automation of infrastructure managed as code.

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