Visual Composer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Visual Composer?

The Visual Composer for CloudFormation and Service Catalog is the easiest way to create Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation deployment descriptions, install them to the AWS Service Catalog, run infrastructure and evolve CloudFormation templates.

The Visual Composer is built on the same technology platform of Cloudsoft AMP, highlighting the Composer and extending it to make all CloudFormation items available on the palette, and to export CloudFormation (CFN) YAML files. These can be deployed via AWS CFN or installed directly to Service Catalog.

Q: What can I do with Visual Composer?

You can visually compose applications, consisting of familiar AWS resources like Application Load Balancers, EC2 Instances and RDS Databases, then create AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy those resources on AWS. You can also deploy the same stack to AWS Service Catalog, from within the Visual Composer.

Q: How do I get started with Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is available on AWS Marketplace, here. Simply launch a new EC2 instance, and when choosing your AMI, select “AWS Marketplace” and then search for “Visual Composer”. Access the Getting Started guide here.

Q: Can I try Visual Composer for free?

Yes. Visual Composer is available without software fees for seven days, although you may incur charges for underlying the AWS instance.

Q: How much will Visual Composer cost, and how do I pay?

Visual Composer costs $0.10/hr or $720/yr (18% savings) for software, plus AWS usage fees. Payment is by your usual AWS billing so there is no additional recipient to set up.

Q: Is Visual Composer for beginners or experts?

Both! Beginners can now quickly compose deployments without the learning curve of the AWS console or command line, and experts can create and maintain complete reusable libraries to use and reuse as building blocks in more complex deployments.

Experts can “get there faster” by using the Visual Composer to create baseline blueprints quickly, store a library of repeatable blueprints, to generate customisable CloudFormation templates.

Q: How do I obtain the annual subscription discount for Visual Composer?

If you are currently subscribing at the hourly rate, the annual discount can be chosen by going to the Your Software page in AWS Marketplace. This can be reached from the Your Account link the the bottom of the main AWS Marketplace page. Against Visual Composer, click the Buy Annual Subscription button.

Q: Where do I get support for the CloudFormation Designer?

Go to the Support page.

Q: How can I provide feedback on the CloudFormation Designer?

Go to the Feedback page.

Q: How do I stop using Visual Composer?

From the EC2 console, terminate any running EC2 instances that are using the Visual Composer. Even when no such instances are running, a subscription will still be charged, so if no one using your AWS account is using the product any more, cancel the subscription, by going to the Your Software page in AWS Marketplace. This can be reached from the Your Account link the the bottom of the main AWS Marketplace page