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Access the power of Cloudsoft AMP

With Cloudsoft AMP, your applications can be deployed virtually anywhere: physical nodes in your datacenter, virtualised environments, public, private or hybrid cloud or onto container runtimes such as Kubernetes.

Why choose AMP

Manage your applications consistently

Many organisations operate a variety of tools to list infrastructure components and help them understand their IT estate.

When an application fails, the Ops team may need to interrogate multiple separate inventory systems before they can even begin to diagnose the problem and restore service.

Much more than just a multi-cloud dashboard, Cloudsoft AMP exposes sophisticated manual and automated management operations that permit rapid response to incidents impacting availability and performance.


How mature is your resilience strategy?

We've compiled years of experience in the field of application availability, into our Application Resilience Maturity Model. Download the ebook to see where you are in your resilience journey.

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Automate manual or semi-automated processes

AMP’s policy-based control plane enables automatic configuration, optimisation, and repair of your applications throughout their lifecycle.

Manual processes such as regular maintenance, SLA compliance, emergency response and more can be expressed as code, maintained and versioned within blueprints and reliably executed by AMP.

Avoid financial loss and penalties

According to the IDC, for the Fortune 1000 the average cost of critical application failure ranges from $500,000 to $1 million per hour.

Cloudsoft AMP reduces financial exposure by ensuring rock solid availability for all critical applications – whether on-premises or in the cloud – supporting firms with a robust resiliency plan that is easily tested and secured with failover and repave.


Create blueprints and policies

Developers and architects can compose blueprints and policies in the drag-and-drop designer, or by writing simple blueprint code.

AMP's integrated QA framework automates the testing of all blueprints against any target infrastructure. Your developers will also benefit from utilising our up-to-date catalogue of open source and community-contributed blueprints and entities that are available within Cloudsoft AMP software.

Cloudsoft AMP is built upon a foundation of Open Source, our blueprints run on Apache Brooklyn which is based on the OASIS CAMP model.


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