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for Day-2 Operations

Monitor health, self-heal, patch, scale and more with AMP's powerful advanced automation solution for Day-2 operations across complex hybrid IT estates. 

Supercharge your Day 2 operations

Once your product is made available to your customers, you need to be able to keep it available, reliable and secure.

AMP can do the hard work for you; sensing failures and automatically healing, or enabling you to apply patches and perform maintenance without taking your product offline. 

And with seamless integrations with your existing monitoring tools, combined with AMP's own dashboards, your developer, product and operations teams will have a single control-plane through which to monitor and manage their applications. 

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Monitoring & observability

Complex hybrid IT needs new solutions for both observability and monitoring.

AMP seamlessly integrates with your monitoring tools to deliver intelligent observability.

This helps you stay on top of all of your environments and allows development and operations teams to work within a single control plane to understand application performance.


Zero-downtime maintenance

It's not just unplanned downtime that can cause issues. Planned, manual maintenance can also cause disruption.

With AMP, you can maintain your really complex estates without ever having to take them down.

Applying patches, making changes, repaving, scaling resources and more is easy with AMP's advanced automation for continuous operations.


Automated self-healing

AMP will automatically self-heal your applications, should it sense a problem.

It uses sensors and effectors to intelligently heal only the affected resources, keeping your critical services up and running to ensure continuity.

AMP in action

A Tier-1 bank use Cloudsoft AMP for 100% hands-off application management, and have reduced recovery time by 95%.

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100% hands off application management

100% hands-off management.

95% reduction in recovery time

95% reduction in recovery time.

How? Environment-as-code.

AMP elevates infrastructure-as-code to 'environment-as-code', providing you with a single, easy-to-use control plane through which you can govern and orchestrate across on-prem and all cloud-native environments.

AMP's super-automation capabilities help to tame the complexity of hybrid IT estates. AMP is a powerful orchestration and automation tool. It sits above your existing technology landscape, orchestrating between every environment maximising value from your existing investments. 

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Day-2 operations isn't all AMP can do...

ArrowsModernise IT Service Management and Delivery.

Self-Service Environments

Automated & consistent deployment of certified dev, test & prod environments through ITSM tools.

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Dynamic Observability

Augmenting monitoring with an 'as code' approach, to implement a 'sense-policy-respond' restorative action.

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ArrowsDe-risk complex hybrid IT stacks, and deliver resilience.

Governance & Modernisation

Provide control to your cloud environments, and bring the cloud experience to legacy environments.

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Operational Resilience

Hybrid IT complexity creates vulnerabilities. AMP ensures resilience, and helps you demonstrate compliance.

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