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for Dynamic Observability.

Close the gaps in monitoring complex hybrid IT estates. AMP provides unified visibility, context and restorative action across your entire environment.

Get the full picture.

The complexity of hybrid IT means it can be a huge challenge to get an accurate and timely view of the health of your environments - and quickly take restorative action. 

Good observability means you are more able to immediately identify a problem, its impact on other systems and the solution to the problem; reducing the likelihood of a critical outage. 

Your existing monitoring tools may only surface information from your cloud platforms, or your on-prem deployments, meaning your teams have a one-dimensional picture of application performance. 

AMP closes these gaps, making visible at-a-glance performance data from across diverse platforms and infrastructure. 

And AMP doesn't just observe - it senses issues and automatically responds to them, restoring service before your customers have even noticed.

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Track & monitor everything.

By integrating with, and supplementing, your existing monitoring tools, AMP makes monitoring and visibility across your entire hybrid IT estate a whole lot easier. 

And with AMP's dashboards, you can get comprehensive summary information across all of your environments at a glance. 


Observability by design.

AMP can both boost uptime and enhance your resilience by supporting the design of observability into both the application and its supporting infrastructure. 

AMP's blueprints provider developer guardrails, for consistently designing and building observable applications,  so you know you've got the full picture. 


Integrated into the development process.

AMP makes it simpler for development, product and operations teams to work together throughout the full lifecycle of the application. 

AMP's single control plane helps teams to understand the performance of their applications, no matter which environment or platform they're deployed on. 

Day 2 Operations with AMP.

As well as monitoring and observability, AMP supports the full range of Day-2 Operations for 100% hands-off management, including:

  • zero-downtime maintenance;
  • automated self-healing.
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How? Environment-as-code.

AMP elevates infrastructure-as-code to 'environment-as-code', providing you with a single, easy-to-use control plane through which you can view, govern and orchestrate across on-prem and all cloud-native environments.

This makes AMP a powerful orchestration and automation tool. It sits above your existing technology landscape and integrates with existing tooling to help you maximising value from your existing investments in monitoring and observability. 

Environment as code
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What other challenges can AMP address?

ArrowsGovernance, modernisation & resilience.

Governance & Modernisation

Greater control for your cloud environments, and bring the cloud experience to your  on-prem and legacy stack. 

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Self-Service Environments

Automated & consistent deployment of certified dev, test & prod environments through ITSM tools.

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Consistent Deployment

Deployment at scale with reliable testing, continuous no-outage upgrades and instant rollbacks. All in one central control-plane.

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Operational Resilience

Hybrid IT complexity creates vulnerabilities.

AMP ensures resilience and can demonstrate compliance to regulators.

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