Build, Migrate, Run, Evolve

Application-centred AWS services from a next generation Advanced AWS Partner

The cloud is all about applications.

That’s why Cloudsoft’s next-generation AWS services are all application-centred.

Not everyone thinks like this. Some treat AWS as “just another datacenter” and completely miss the opportunity to act differently and use AWS to power a modern competitive business. Time, effort and money is wasted on undifferentiated heavy lifting that has a real opportunity cost to the business.

Cloudsoft puts the application front-and-centre and uses modern practices to help organisations be successful with AWS:

  • Build new applications on AWS
  • Migrate existing applications to AWS
  • Run applications on AWS
  • Evolve applications to keep pace with AWS innovations

From wherever your starting point is and whatever your individual cloud journey needs, our comprehensive AWS services will be able to help you on a successful cloud journey.

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Modern applications running on the cloud are the driving engine of digital businesses.

The faster you can deploy new products and features, the better you can exploit the innovation inside AWS, the more competitive you can be.
Read how Cloudsoft  built an agricultural product tracking service on AWS with Giumarra.
A well-built cloud application needs a number of essential things:
  • Modern software lifecycle process using continuous integration and delivery pipelines.
  • A solid AWS foundation where accounts are built on proven industry best practices.
  • A cloud-native application architecture that can exploit cloud characteristic such as multi-availability zones.
  • Not reinventing the wheel / not doing undifferentiated heavy lifting: friends don’t let friends deploy and manage their own databases. 
Cloudsoft’s engineering team are experts in applications, automation and AWS. We work with customers to ensure their ideas and applications not only come to life on AWS, but also that exploit the cost, security, resilience, performance and operational innovations that AWS offers.


No applications need to be left behind when a business embarks on a cloud journey.

Legacy, non-cloud applications can remain rooted on-premises or in old-fashioned co-location datacentes  with the misplaced belief that they cannot be migrated to the cloud.
Read the Cloudsoft white paper  What everyone needs to know about migrating applications to AWS
Cloudsoft understand non-cloud and cloud and use an application-centred approach to cloud migration:
  • How do organizations assess applications and workloads before migrating them to the cloud?
  • How are workloads actually migrated from on-premises to AWS?
  • What happens after a workload is migrated to become more cloud native?
Cloudsoft uses a combination of the 6Rs of Migration practices and tools, and the Well-Architected Framework, to assess and migrate your workloads to AWS. Once on AWS, Cloudsoft can operate and evolve your workloads to be more cloud native over time.


Next-generation, application-centred managed AWS services from Cloudsoft.

Making sure that the cloud is secure, cost-optimised, resilient, performant and well operated 24×7 is a full time job that not all organizations have the time, focus or skills to maintain.
“As our guest portal impacts directly on guest experience, our leading hospitality operators rely on our technology to deliver 100% of the time.” says Julie Grieve, CEO of Criton. “Speed and reliability are crucial, and it is for these two reasons that we decided to partner with Cloudsoft because they can underpin our business with the agility, resilience and innovation of the cloud.” Read the Criton case study.
Poorly operated and neglected AWS accounts can significantly impact a business in multiple ways:
  • Poor security can lead to data loss, bad actors running up large bills with Bitcoin mining, and even brand damage and legal action if data leaks in public.
  • Analysis suggests that at 35% of all AWS bills are wastage, but organizations often don’t have the focus, the time or the skills to continually cost-optimize through right-sizing, Reserved Instances and other financial ops practices.
  • There are many resilience, performance and operational optimizations available in the cloud but it’s common for organizations doing their own AWS operations to not have the bandwidth to keep up with or apply the latest best practices.
Our team of AWS professionally certified engineers can run your applications on AWS so you are sure to have the correct cloud foundations and free your team  to focus on developing your applications and growing your business.


The AWS pace of innovation provides continuous opportunities to evolve your application.

Applications need to evolve to not only meet new business and customer needs, but to also take advantage of the latest and greatest cloud features that can save you money, increase the speed of your application and eliminate IT work that isn’t unique to your business.
Through the Cloudsoft evolve service, we continuously ask questions like:
  • How do we right-size the services you use to take advantage of the latest EC2 instances that are more powerful and much cheaper?
  • How do we move from a traditional self-managed database to the latest AWS-managed serverless pay-as-you-go database service?
  • How do we swap your self-written gateway software for the AWS API Gateway to take advantage of the scale, resilience and performance?
The Evolve professional service, normally bundled in with the Run managed service, is a real and unique value-add for customers. This is the continuous and iterative refactoring of the customer application to reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to events and exploit cloud innovation.
If you’re not an existing Cloudsoft customer but you’re applications are already on AWS, we can evolve your application via our Well Architected Review service.