Why Cloudsoft

Local and AWS professionally certified people, software and practices

Cloudsoft specialises in building, migrating, integrating and operating applications.

Headquartered in the UK’s largest tech incubator in Edinburgh, Scotland, and with customers across the world, Cloudsoft has spent the last decade working with a range of companies: from startups to global banks and across sectors including banking, systems integrators, oil and gas, learning and development, hospitality, agriculture and more.

Our customers consider Cloudsoft a “thinking partner” and collaboratively work with us to benefit from our deep experience of successfully delivering complex projects using a unique combination of talented people, proven patterns and sophisticated software.

Cloudsoft Advanced AWS Consulting Services are used by customers to plan their cloud journey, build and migrate their applications using the well-architected framework, and continuously operate and optimize them over time.

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AWS Solutions Architects use VisualComposer for AWS Cloudformation to visually compose application stacks for AWS by dragging-and-dropping components and then emitting perfect CloudFormation infrastructure-as-code or AWS Service Catalog components.

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Customers use Cloudsoft AMP software to meet sophisticated application needs, such as complex integrations, multi-platform deployments, and security, scale and resilience requirements in regulatory environments.

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You’ll get more value and better outcomes from us compared to an offshore software development body shop or infrastructure bottom-up cloud plumbers.

Our application-centred approach puts your business outcomes at the heart of what we achieve together.

When you collaborate with Cloudsoft you can expect:

  • Friendly, expert and local engineers that naturally extend, complement and power-up your team.
  • A top-down, application-centric approach to solving your unique challenges.
  • To replace manual configuration with software automation for deployment, integration and management.
  • Use of industry practices like AWS Well-Architected and DevOps where appropriate.
  • A customised approach appropriate to your needs.



As one of the few UK-based Advanced AWS Consulting partners that is also approved by AWS to deliver Well-Architected Reviews, we use the five best practice pillars in three ways:

  1. If your application is already in AWS, how can we optimise it to be Well-Architected through a review and remediation.
  2. If you are building a new application, how can we give your business a head start by using Well-Architected design principles.
  3. If you are migrating applications from outside the cloud, let’s use Well-Architected design principles to review them and understand how we can “lift-and-shape” by replatforming them into the cloud.


We helped global organizations automate complex applications in multi-platform environments using our Cloudsoft AMP software, and our engineering problem-solving mindset.

  • We’ve helped a global bank in a well-regulated industry automate scale, resilience and compliance across thousands of applications through automation with Cloudsoft AMP.
  • We’ve helped a global security company integrate on-premises systems with cloud-based security services through automation with Cloudsoft AMP.


Our AWS Management service extends your team to look after the operations and day-to-day running of your AWS accounts and optimize them to be Well-Architected. We’ll monitor your servers 24×7 (with 15 minute response to emergencies) and help you with architecture automation, config management and deployment automation.


We’ll help you fill the gaps and help you to do lean application delivery. From the process end of having a single backlog, joining your standups, helping to run your scrum meetings all the way to building and managing your CI/CD pipelines: as a ten-year old software company, we do this every day and can help you to do the same.


Whatever gnarly issue, we’d like to help, and no two situations are the same so we are flexible to meet your needs. Talk to our team about what you are aiming to achieve, the challenges you face, and we can come up with an iterative and practical approach that moves you towards your goals.