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And the winner of the Gemalto SafeNet Data Protection on Demand hackathon with Cloudsoft was…

…customers who will have access to some new and innovative security solutions!  Gemalto are the world leader in digital security, and this week they brought together eight global teams of partners and employees into Paris for a Hackathon around their SafeNet Data Protection on Demand (DPOD) service.   The Hackathon Challenge:

5 reasons why a SaaS business chooses Cloudsoft

The life of a SaaS-based company CEO is a stressful one! One that makes the life of a non-cloud software vendor seem tame…but why? When an ISV decides to “do SaaS” they move on from ‘just’ selling software to run it for their customers. The ISV is now doing “both


Cloudsoft on ITSM Crowd 42 – Cloud for Service Managers

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It was a huge pleasure to be invited on to episode 42 of ITSM Crowd to discuss “Cloud for Service Managers”. At Cloudsoft we migrate, run and evolve applications in the cloud which means we are engaged with ITSM all the time. Also, In my past five years of “doing

Press Release: Cloudsoft launches professional services for AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow

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Cloudsoft launches professional services for AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow Edinburgh, UK – May 3, 2018 Cloudsoft will help enterprises integrate ServiceNow to AWS Service Catalog. Cloudsoft can help you use your existing AWS Service Catalog configuration, including curated products, portfolios, constraints, and tagging, and expose this to your

Migration Method 4 Refactoring

Migrating to AWS Method 4 – Refactoring, aka Cloud Native

Refactoring is the most advanced method of migrating applications to the cloud, the outcome being a cloud-native application that fully exploits cloud innovation. Depending on the starting point of the application — how cloud-native it is to start with, and how amenable it is to adapt to cloud services —

Migration Method 3 Replatforming

Migrating to AWS Method 3 – Replatforming, aka Lift-and-Shape

Replatforming is halfway between Rehosting and Refactoring. It gives some immediate and modest cloud benefits without too much change and risk. This is the fourth in a five-part series covering the practical realities of migrating applications to AWS: Part 1 – A Practical Guide to Understanding the 6Rs for Migrating

Migration Method 2 Rehosting

Migrating to AWS Method 2 – Rehosting, aka Lift-and-Shift

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Rehosting – aka Lift and Shift – is the relatively simple mechanism of copying application and data “bits” from outside AWS, into AWS. A classic example is copying virtual machines (that contain applications and data) and storage files (just data) across the internet or via some other mechanism, into a

Migration Method 1 Repurchase

Migrating to AWS Method 1 – Repurchasing, aka Drop-and-Shop

Repurchasing can be the simplest, fastest and least-risk method of running applications in the cloud. An organization can eliminate a lot of migration effort and cloud set up by directly consuming applications via the AWS Marketplace. Unfortunately, Repurchasing is often ignored as a migration option by most technical IT staff,

The 6Rs from Discover to AWS

A Practical Guide to Understanding the 6Rs for Migration to AWS

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When an organization is considering migrating an existing application to AWS they have six options to choose from – known as The 6Rs – for each application. That’s right: you need to choose the right tool for the job! But how? Cloud migrations are anything but straight-forward. Learning on the

DSL editor - intro

Graphical wiring in application-centric blueprints

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Ed: Thomas spends a lot of time making complex things easy and visual. He’s one of our top cloud engineers who develops our AMP product that we use inside our AWS services, and also with customers who run applications on other clouds. In this post, he talks about a common